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2007 | 00:04:36 | Finland | Czech, with English, Japanese and Finnish subtitles | 16:9 | stereo | Sepia | videoinstallation part of the exhibition JISKRA

Aamulehti newspaper. 20.02.2008: Jiskra is a poetic story about how a the political machine of a regime can convince anyone from whatever purposes, no matter how absurd these purposes are. The footage was shot in different countries and combined with a narration in Czech and with a beautiful music. The talented editing makes this a timeless movie that invites us to think.

Production, direction, sriptwriting, cinematography, sound design & editing: Andrea Zapata-Girau 

Starring: Martin Fencl, Peeka Ruuska & Vilja Turtiainen

Festivals and screenings:

2007 Vera Film Festival / Aland Islands, Finland

2007 Göteborg International Film Festival / Göteborg, Sweden

2008 Rajatila Gallery / Tampere, Finland

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